Interface board

I’ve been quite busy today.  I redesigned the interface board that allows the arduino to be connected to the plethora of servos and sensors that will comprise my new robot.  I designed the circuit using Eagle and used the toner transfer method to transfer the design onto copper clad board and used ferric chloride to etch the board.  I’ve made quite a lot of home-made circuit boards now and I’ve developed a technique that works almost every time and gives nice, clean traces.  The interface board breaks out all of the PWM pins, all of the analogue input pins and eight of the digital i/o pins with pull-up resistors for connecting to switches.  I’ve also attached the battery and wired up a switch for the servo power which my previous robot lacked.  The interface board is attached to the robot and wired to the arduino, although I need to change some of the wiring and shorten some connections to keep everything looking tidy.  Next job is to start work on the servo brackets and mounts for the potentiometers.


3 Responses to Interface board

  1. MBREBO says:

    if you don’t mind my asking, what kind of software are you using? ROS?

    • bigface83 says:

      The software on the arduino is written in C. It loops through control loops for the servos, reads potentiometers and sends and receives data from the pc. The software on the PC is written by me, in c++ using QT. I’m using opencv for the vision. I developed the software on my previous humanoid, it will all be transferable to this robot and hopefully be expanded upon and improved.

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