Arm and hand

I’ve been a bit busy lately but I did manage to make some more progress on my robot today.  I’ve been working on the upper and lower arm sections and the hand.  I have intentions of putting a switch or two into each hand so that the robot can detect when it has touched something.  This will be used to stop the arm when necessary and also to help the robot build a representation of what is in its immediate surroundings. I’ve decided that for now the robot isn’t going to be equipped with a gripper and I would like the robot to be able to manipulate objects using both hands if possible.  One arm is complete and has the hand mounted without any switches for now.  I’ve stuck some rubber foam to the hand to help with grip and also to protect stuff as the robot flails around.  I’ve also stuck some electrical tape to the top of the hand.  I’ve found this works well when using the camera for colour recognition.  My future plans rely on the robot sensing hand position using the camera so this is useful.  Anyway, check out the picture to see where I’ve got to.


3 Responses to Arm and hand

  1. MBREBO says:

    Impressive! Looks like this is coming right along. Don’t suppose you’ll be uploading any demo videos anytime?

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