BFRMR1 video

I have finally got around to making a video of BFRMR1 in action. The video shows some of the features of the robot and obstacle avoidance and colour tracking in action.

During testing of the robot I found that at higher speeds, when the robot stops, the front of the robot dips a little bit. This causes the IR sensors to see the floor and leads the robot to believe there is an obstacle where there isn’t one. This was always a possibility as the drive wheels are quite close to the centre of the robot and I was relying on the weight of the batteries to keep the back end of the robot weighted down. I put the wheels where they are so that when the robot turns, it does so within its own footprint. This was to hopefully stop the robot bumping in to things when it turns. To overcome this issue I decided to add some “legs” to the front of the robot that do not contact the ground during normal running but are there to stop the robot tipping forward when it stops from high speed. These are pictured below.

"Legs" at the front of the robot

“Legs” at the front of the robot

I chose this solution as the issue only occurs when running the robot quickly and I didn’t want to add any weight to the rear of the robot after all the effort of lightening the robot with the carbon fibre shell! These “legs” can be easily removed if necessary and I hope to solve the issue in software in the future.


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