More Sensors! Sonar and MPU6050 module

I have added some sensing to the RC robot in the form of some sonar sensors and an MPU6050 IMU module. This project was always heading away from being a purely RC robot towards an automated mobile robot platform. The addition of sensing is one of the steps in this process. Adding and interfacing the sensors was quite straight forward and Part 11 of my Youtube series takes you through the process.

For anyone interested, here is the updated Arduino circuit I am now using.

I have also moved the HC05 bluetooth module from interfacing with the Arduino to being connected to the onboard Raspberry Pi. Partly to see if it would work but also because I want to be able to control more functions from the transmitter and it seemed to make sense to have the Pi get the data from the transmitter and send it on the to Arduino. Time will tell if this is a good solution.

The next steps will be to improve the serial communications between the Arduino and Raspberry Pi as I’m not happy with how that is working at the moment. Then I want to log sensor data to a file, along with images captured from the webcam, as the robot is being driven around. I will then use this data to work on some mapping/SLAM solutions I would like to try out.

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