Store and replay

I’ve been working on software to store robot positions and then replay them. I have done this by storing the robots joint positions, and a time delay, in a vector on the click of a button. The robots limbs can then be moved to another position and the button clicked again and this position will be added to the vector. On the click of the replay button, the robot will move its limbs through the programmed positions in order with the given time delay between moves. I am going to add a speed value to the vector so that different moves can occur at different speeds. At the moment the position commands are sent to the robot, the delay occurs and then the next set of positions are sent. I may adjust the software so that the next move is only triggered when the robot reaches the current position with all joints. I also need to write a bit more code to save and load stored sequences of movements and be able to edit them in a text editor.

Much of this is work for the future, but check out the video to see the robot replaying some stored sequences of moves. I was very happy to see that the robot could also pick up objects and move them about! Check out the vid!

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