A New Robot

It’s a bitter-sweet moment, the start of a new project. On the downside, my humanoid project will be put on hold and the robot will be robbed of many of its parts. This project has run its course with me and I have found myself at a dead end with its progress. I was happy with the robot build and the software development I did, but its time for a new challenge. This leads me nicely on to the sweet side of the situation, the start of a new robot project! I am returning to mobile robots which I found to be a lot of fun.

This project has some simple goals from the outset. I want to build a sturdy, reliable mobile robot platform. Ultimately I want as many of the electronics and delicate components as possible covered or hidden away. The reason for this is a certain 14 month old chap that takes great interest in anything and everything and is currently learning about the world by testing things to destruction!  I will be using many of the parts from my humanoid robot so I will be sticking with the Arduino mega and my custom interface board and the Raspberry Pi. I have purchased a new battery for powering the Pi, a 12000mAh lipo of the type used to recharge your phone when its battery goes flat. The wheels will be driven using modified servos with external encoders and for sensors I want to use a combination of sharp IR sensors, sonar and a webcam. My intention is to design and build an aluminium base for everything to attach to, and enclose the electronics either with a cover made from aluminium or possibly fibreglass or carbon fibre.

It’s early stages but I have purchased some new wheels which I have machined to allow me to attach a servo horn. My humanoid robot has been robbed of many of the parts I need for this new project. I am currently in the process of designing the base plate but I have a couple of pictures showing a very rough outline of how everything may end up fitting together. The first picture shows the new wheels and the second shows the components laid out to help me visualise where everything will go.


New wheels

New wheels


Early development

Early development

Plenty for me to be getting on with but I will be back with more as and when I make some progress.


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